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  cof·fee sci·ence ma·chine


  1. A coffee maker that consistently makes the perfect cup of coffee by controlling all variables such as grind size, temperature, coffee to water ratio, total dissolved coffee. Coffee is made up of 1500 compounds, which translate to 150 possible flavors and 30 aromas. To get the best cup of coffee, brewing parameters need to be controlled precisely so only the desired flavors are extracted.

synonyms: personal barista, get the richest and smoothest coffee ever at home.

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Winner A'Design Award: Home Appliances 2016


Skip The Learning Curve

While we all appreciate great coffee...

Who has time to hand-craft each cup every morning? Let alone master the skills and techniques of professional baristas?  

At best, it's only the weekend and you'd rather be doing something other than learning the jargons.

We've been there ourselves!

So we created the Auroma One. To make it easy for anyone to brew amazing coffee at home. 



No Mess. No Prep. Only Fresh Coffee.

Join Us, With Many Others. 

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